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Sabarimala Temple in Pathanamthitta district is one of most famous Temple in Kerala. Pilgrims from all over India visiting Sabarimala Temple every year. We operate Sabarimala Taxi Service from Cochin Airport , Ernakulam Railway Station , Ernakulam Bus Stand and nearby places.

Our Sabarimala Cab Service serves Sabarimala Pligrims last 10 Years. We have lot of satisfied customers in our Sabarimala Taxi Service. Our Sabarimala Taxi Service includes pickup from Cochin Airport or Ernakulam and drop to Pampa. Vehicle will halt in there for passenger.

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The temple is situated on a hilltop at an altitude of 468 m above mean sea level, and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. Temples exist in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala. While functional and intact temples exist at many places in the surrounding areas like Nilackal, Kalaketi, and Karimala, remnants of old temples survive to this day on remaining hills. Devotees must climb the mountains range to reach the temple. For this, pilgrims trek 4.5 km route into dense forest path, leaving all vehicles at Nilakkal parking station. For handicapped pilgrims, doli service (palanquins) are available. The main temple is better known as Sannidhanam (Sacred Abode), constructed on top of a raised platform. 18 golden steps lead to temple shrine, each step considered sacred with reference to each Hindu Veda and other scriptures. 2 temples are located at ground floor, one dedicated to Lord Ganesh and another for Goddess. A giant fire pit is situated on left side 18 golden steps, where devotees need to burn their coconuts as a token burning their sins.

The main pujas are on opening and closing days of Mandalam Pilgrimage as well as on Makara Sankrathi day, which attended by maximum number of pilgrims. The 10 day annual festival also coincide with Mandalam pilgrimage. Apart from special day pujas, 4 pujas are considered highly sacred which is conducted on daily basis. The Usha Puja (Morning Puja), Ucha Puja (Afternoon Puja), Abishekam (pouring libations) and Padi Puja (special pujas conducted on 18 holy steps at closure of temple in night). The temple is also famous for lighting maximum camphors as a token of devotion.

The main offering sacred to lord is Abishekams. Neyyu-Abishekams (Ghee Pouring) is highly sacred and ghee brought by all devotees in their Irumudi Kettus will be used to do. Likewise in evenings Pushabishekam (Flower pourings) as well as Bhasma Absihekam (ash pourings) will be conducted, which all be distributed among devotees. Another common offerings are Appam (a sweet dumplings) as well as Aravana (a thick sweet black dessert made of jaggery) which most of devotees buy.

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The temple is open for 41 days from November 16th or 17th (1st day of Vrishicka Month of Malayalam Calendar) and goes till mid of January. The grand festivities of Makara Sankrathi marks the end of Mandala pilgrimage. Apart from this pilgrimage season, the temple opens for all 1st and 2nd day for Malayalam Month. For tourists, the second option is more ideal than Mandala pilgrimage, considering the heavy rush.

Pilgrims are required to adopt an ascetic lifestyle before climbing the hill, including abstention from drinking, smoking, and tobacco for a period of at least a week before climbing the hill rock; abstention from consuming any non-vegetarian food or any kind of food that contains roots of plants. Food must be consumed only after bathing and praying, and in limited quantities. Pilgrims are also to refrain from sex, shaving, having a haircut and using luxuries such as perfumes, scents, silk clothes and shoes.